Casting the futures
Casting the futures
Casting the futures
Casting the futures
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Casting the futures
Casting the Future
High Pressure Die Casting
Lighting the Path
Lighting the path of Progress
LED Lighting
Casting Edge Tools
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About Us

Inled is a part of a diversified group of companies driven by a shared vision of innovation, sustainability, and adding value to people’s lives. Whether it’s through energy-efficient lighting solutions, high pressure diecasting, precise gear-cutting solutions or innovative drone technology, the company is dedicated in making a positive impact to the world.

The group’s Growlive venture is another example of its commitment to innovation and technology to reduce the environmental impact of traditional agriculture while providing healthy and nutritious food to local communities.


Our Vision

Pressure Die Casting & Gear Cutting Tools

To re-define engineering in order to assist clients in deliver perfect machines

LED Lighting

To enhance every life on the planet using light


Our Mission

Excelling Customer Expectations with:

  • Our Quality that is inspired by the precision
  • Our Cost which is Grounded in competition
  • Our Delivery is always in Line for consumption

Our values





Customer Centric



What We Offer

Global Solutions

The Plant

What We Offer

Working Process in 3 Steps

Discovery – Step 1

Meeting clients & understanding requirements

As a manufacturing industry specializing in HPDC, GCT, LED lights, and drone innovation, we prioritize meeting with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their unique requirements.

Design & Refine – Step 2

Developing, Testing and Refining Products

As a manufacturing industry, we prioritize developing, testing, and refining our automotive products to meet the highest quality standards. Our commitment to reliability, efficiency, and innovation drives us to continuously improve through rigorous testing and refinement.

Innovation – Step 3

Innovation : Creating best products ever

We are a manufacturing industry committed to creating high-quality drones using innovative technologies and precise production processes. Our focus on reliability and performance ensures that we deliver the best products in the industry.

We develop, build & deliver production

We firmly believe in having a clear purpose and direction at our manufacturing company. Our team is the driving force behind defining and achieving that purpose, which guides us in every aspect of our business. With a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we develop, build, and deliver high-quality products, including HPDC, GCT, LED lights, and drones.
We develop, build & deliver production
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We Believe In

Custom solutions, unique manufacturing processes, and quality crafted by
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