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The India Advantage

Understanding Die Casting

Aluminium Die casting begins with heating the aluminium alloy to a melting point for changing its state from solid to liquid state. The liquid metal is then poured into a die also known as a mould and finally a aluminium die casting machine holds the mould at a certain pressure till the liquid metal solidifies and takes shape of the mould.

Aluminium Die-Casting industry have been dominant based on the final use of the aluminium alloy. It comes with their pros and cons and industry application of Aluminium Die-Casting has been primarily used by the automotive sector where quantity, speed, accuracy, and porosity play an important role.

Although die casting offer many benefits — including complex components, flexible quantities, high strength and quality and low operating costs — this process also come with higher initial costs, secondary finishing processes and potential limits due to the complexity of some components. 

Furthermore, Aluminium Die Casting comes with its own challenges like porosity and accuracy. Some of the Indian companies like Inled Technologies have implemented certain technologies like vacuum die-casting in the process to reach zero porosity policy. Stringent policies on proper poka-yoke implementation ensures quality production.

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Die Casting to Inled in India

In a partnership with an OEM supplier, companies can benefit from:

1. Increased and Flexible Capacity.

One of the major benefits of working with an OEM supplier is their ability to be flexible with the types of components they can manufacture.  At Inled, our Die-Casting infrastructure ranges from 150 T to 800 T. This enables us to manufacture components from 50 gms to 8 kgs. Companies across the globe have bundled a basket of products of various sizes to ensure volumes that justify sizeable cost reductions. One of the time involving constraints of Die Casting process is the manufacturing of tolling equipment like molds and Dies. Inled has partnered with multiple Die-Manufacturers to ensure the timely delivery of quality tooling for reducing the turnaround time.

2. Improved Quality of Parts

OEM suppliers employ full teams of highly trained engineers and technicians focused on die casting. Additionally, entire teams are dedicated to optimizing manufacturing processes and project management to create a more cost-effective operation. Furthermore, evolutionary techniques like vacuum casting and impregnation help provide quality castings. Inled is an IATF certified company with stringent processes in place. The inspection facility is equipped with CMM, Leak Test and various SPM’s for ensuring that all parameters of the casting are within tolerance. We are proud to keep our rejection percentage in single digit part per million for our clients in Germany.

3. Reduced Costs

Overhead costs are a major inhibiting factor for manufacturing in-house. By outsourcing, companies have access to investments that they would need to make with an in-house operation, such as staffing, material resourcing, equipment purchasing and quality control. India has a unique advantage of quality manpower and infrastructure at cheaper rates compared to other countries around the globe. The availability of alloy at competent price is another added advantage. With these factors and mass production capabilities, Inled has been quoting competitive prices to a Global clientele.

4. Fresh Perspectives

When partnering with an OEM supplier with many decades of experience, a team can provide experience in many types of products and industries, bringing new ideas to the table and approaching bottlenecks with new solutions. Specifically when it comes to die-casting technique or machining challenges, Inled team has come with innovative ideas to reduce cycle time and increase production. Creative ideas always come from the experience of handing clients across various industry segments. Exposure to different industry protocols widens the range of creative thoughts. 

5. Shorter Lead Times

In addition to optimizing manufacturing processes, OEM suppliers can maintain appropriate inventory levels and execute logistical strategies to deliver short lead times. The objective for the delivery team @ Inled is to ensure that the client side production line is fed in a near real time basis. Inventory levels are mutually discussed and finalized so that it becomes a win win situation for both the parties involved.

6. Quality Assurance

OEM suppliers can provide expert quality assurance services that implement standards to reduce risk while ensuring high-quality products and components. Rejection rates are monitored closely and action plans are designed to ensure the rejections are always within limit to maximize productivity and savings. Improved component  quality leads to optimum quality of final product.

PRECISION Aluminium Die Casting Services from Inled

With an emphasis on cost saving, timeliness and quality, our die casting processes makes us a reliable favorite among companies seeking high-quality components that cannot fail. With a wide tonnage of die-casting machinery, in-house machining, shot blasting, anodizing, powder coating, impregnation, leak testing and automation at every level helps us produce components of all sizes at an unmatched level of quality.

Feel free to write to us at and we will revert back to you with a quote for your casting requirements.

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