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Our success can be traced back to 1984 when Mr. Sanjay Oswal started with consulting for various electrical projects. Within 6 months we lined-up in manufacturing ourselves. We successfully completed a huge project in the state of Goa, installing more than 2 lakh street lights. It was a monumental success which took us to new heights. We soon realized that the housing for the lights was done in China and we had to get it here in India. So, inspired by the Make-in-India movement we decided to diversify with the High Pressure Die Casting (HPDC) industry, owing to its significance into the Automobile and Engineering Industries. Two major reasons supporting this decision were-

  • 1. Backward Integration with LEDs

  • 2. Derisk the investment by entering the Automobile Industry

In a short span, we could get Endurance Technologies Ltd on-board, a renowned name in the Industry with a solid order of 45 parts related to the engine components used by Bajaj Auto.
After achieving milestones in Lighting & High Pressure Die Casting verticals, we have now joined hands with PDM for a strategic partnership. With over 38 years of technical excellence in precision gear cutting tools, PDM along with the support and management of Inled aims to service a global clientele of more than 16 countries, including Germany and Japan.
The partnership is strategized to enhance the global product range. It is intended to bring innovative changes in the development and manufacturing of gear cutting tools for crown wheel and pinions in H.S.S. and Carbide tools. The expeditious progress of this venture is the blend of their technical expertise, competent workforce and customer-for-life philosophy.



Sanjay Oswal

He has been in the lighting industry for 25 years. He successfully signed multi-million rupees domestic projects. He has various major consultancy and supply projects under his wings, including LinkedIn. He now heads core technical design team for Inled Lighting Division.


Chetan Patel

He's been heading the manufacturing department for cement pipes. Soon after, he shifted focus to real estate and ever since that, he has been a core leader for infrastructure development. He then diversified in the I.T sector and is responsible for the design of a CRM used by major corporate in and around the country with Niche, a software company.


Jeet Oswal

A hardcore finance head who specializes in keeping positive individual cost centers in the Inled Group. This ensures all projects are not only profitable but also sustainable. He has achieved success in I.T, Real Estate, Healthcare, Trading and Lighting sectors using his expertise.


Girish Oswal

A chemical engineer by education, he has been an influential personality in paints and auxiliary business for the past 25 years. He has provided consultancy for powder coating and design inputs for various lighting products. He is an expert in facility planning and ensures optimum use of infrastructure in the companies.


Akshay Deshpande

He is the youngest Director in PDC and is mainly responsible for production, planning and control. He brought in a completely new method of planning & tracking the production and hence could achieve almost 35% growth in production rate. Moreover, it has also contributed to overcoming the challenges in achieving consistent production targets with a diversified product range.


Ashish Deshpande

At a young age, he pioneered the evolution of Gear Cutting Tool Division from a small enterprise to a medium scale, process-oriented manufacturing unit. He is mainly responsible for developing the export market of GCT and new strategies in marketing of PDC and the new strategies in marketing which achieved growth of more than 40% per annum in local customer base for local as well as export market .

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